Adding Attribute to Zen Cart How do I add attributes to my products?       There are 3 parts to... Adding Multipule Attribute Images Although Zen Cart supports defining an image for a product’s attribute (i.e. different colors of... Adding a image above the TAG LINE. Start by looking at  includes/templates/YOURTEMPLATE/common and the tpl_header.php file? Ensure... Additional Images to Products   A product owns 1 filename ... Note: the base image name is the original image name loaded for... Cart Protection "Blocking Attacks" How can I block specific hacker probing activities?       Some common... Changing the name of CATEGORIES and side box The default heading for the categories sidebox in zen cart is “Categories”. You might want to... Dual wholesale Prices Dual Wholesale Pricing.  This zen cart modification is a great admin tool that allows you to set... Eliminating WELCOME GUEST message. If you want to eliminate the Welcome Guest message it can be easily removed without having to... How to change "Tag Line Test Here" To change the Sales Message Goes Here or Tagline Here text to say what you want, do the... How to change or add a header image to your cart. Note: This content does not apply to the responsive_classic template, and may not apply to your... How to modify email template Re: How to modify email template, need help   Are you familiar with the template override... How to set up Template Overrides How do I set up the template overrides?     I've been watching the forums, and... Removing zen cart from footer How do I change the Copyright message in the footer?... SSL certificate Checker So you believe that your web site has a SSL certificate but are unsure if its being viewed... Seeing other images in my products Why am I seeing images for other products on my product pages?... Setting Email Option in Zen Cart Zen Cart: How to Configure Email Options in Zen Cart In this tutorial, you will learn how you... Strict Error Reporting What is STRICT_ERROR_REPORTING?             This is a setting that... Understanding the OVERRIDE proccess Understanding the Override System           This article is based on...
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