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So you built your web site and are ready to work the SEO side of your new site. You have spent all of your time building this one of a kind web site and now you need to get if found on the internet.

Well here is a great place to start! Google the big daddy of the internet and search engines offers a FREE service that will scan your web site pages and grade it's performance, accessibility, S.E.O. all in one place. Now you have a free solution that reviews how your new web site stacks up and what might need fixing or corrected. It a great resource for anyone wanting to improve their web site performance when it comes to ranking on the internet. So lets gets started.

1st you will need to open your "CHROME" browser. If your not using the chrome browser then you will need to download and install. Once you have the browser opened type in your web sites domain in the search field. One your site loads follow these images.

chrome home screen 


Now that you have your web site loaded on the screen your ready to get going to the next step.

Located at the top right side of the screen you will find (THREE DOTS) for customizing Google Chrome. Click on the three dotes.

The drop down will offer you several options (NOTE: before going any further we recommend that you select incognito. This is found in the same place where the three dots are located. This will eliminate any issues with 3rd party blockers that might conflict with the results.) 

-Now scroll down and select (MORE TOOLS) and then (DEVELOPER TOOL)



You are now ready to start using lighthouse.

In this example it shows the google web site on the left, but if you enter your web site in the address bar then your web site should be showing in that area. On the right side is where lighthouse will perform its functions. Select any of or all of the boxes and then select (CREATE REPORT).

Google will create a report on your web site explaining what your web site needs to rank better on google for ranking and presenting a better experience for your visitors. 


google lighthouse

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