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So what is a autoresponder why would you need to use one?
Typically, a businesses will use the autoresponder to inform others they are vacation or out of the office, to confirm receipt of an email, and to acknowledge and thank customers for an order that may have been placed. this would all depend on the use of the email.

Where can you find the autoresponder?
Autoresponder feature can be found on most email programs. if you are using our service then you have access to WEBMAIL where you will find the setting to set up this feature. 

Directions to set up a autoresponder from within Webmail.
To begin, you must have your username and password. How you access the server will depend on the username and password you use. Once you have gained access,  the process to create a autoresponder will be the same.

  1. Log in to your Webmail interface at, where represents your email address’s domain.
  2. From the email address menu at the top right corner of the interface, select Autoresponders. The Autoresponders interface will appear.
  3. Follow the directions in the add an autoresponder section to add the autoresponder.


Option Description
Character Set The standard Character set is “utf-8,” but you can change it here.
Interval Here you can set how many hours to wait before autoresponding to the same email address.
Email This will list the email address you are setting up the autoresponder for.
From You can enter a “From” address here. I recommend using the same address you used in the Email field.
Subject Enter a subject line here. For example: “John is out of the office.”
HTML Check this if you want to enter HTML into the “Body” of your email.
Body Enter your Autoresponder message here.
Start Choose if want this autoresponder to begin Immediately or set a Custom start time.
Stop Here you can set a Custom date for your Autoresponder to stop responding, or set to Never





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