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How do I change the Copyright message in the footer?





CAPITALIZED words refer to a folder or language that you choose. We use CUSTOM for your template and ENGLISH for your language by default. These generic terms should be changed to  the name of the  template/language you are using.


Copyright © 200X Zen Cart covers the design and graphics in the templates. If you are using a stock template with the included graphics you must leave the copyright.

If you make a custom template and use your own graphics you may change the copyright as follows:

Open the includes/languages/english.php file in your text editor.

Find the following lines of code. We will be changing the text starting with “Copyright” and ending with the first “Zen Cart”.

define('FOOTER_TEXT_BODY', 'Copyright &copy; 200* <a href="" target="_blank">Zen Cart</a>. Powered by <a href="" target="_blank">Zen Cart</a>');<o></o>

Change the Copyright &copy; 200* with your own text. Now replace the url with a url that deals with your business or the url of your store. Finally replace “Zen Cart” with the name of you business.

Save the edited file to includes/languages/CUSTOM/english.php and upload it to your server

It is considered common courtesy to leave “Powered by Zen Cart" intact as it assists in advertising the Zen Cart project that is allowing you to create your


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