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The default heading for the categories sidebox in zen cart is “Categories”. You might want to change this to something else that will reflect the feeling of your site better.
This step by step tutorial will show you how to change the name of the categories sidebox heading in zen cart. Note that the procedure used in this tutorial can be applied to any of the sidebox headings.


To begin making any modification you will need a PLAIN TEXT EDITOR. Many ftp programs have a editor built into them or you can use notepad. Do not use any program like word as they will corrupt your script.

1.In your favorite plain text editor open includes/languages/your-template-override-directory/english.php. If you do not already have an override for this file copy the includes/languages/english.php to includes/languages/your-template-override-directory/english.php.


2.Find this code on or around line 77:


// categories box text in sideboxes/categories.php


3.Change 'Categories' to your new text making sure to keep the single quotes intact.


4.Save the file.


This is a php file and MUST be edited in a plain text editor.
If you try to edit this file in any type of wysiwyg editor, the code will be corrupted and when you insert the file back into your zen cart it will break your entire site.***


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