Do I need to back up my web site?

So you ask - Should I back up my web site? Doesn't my hosting company back up their servers? We in short they do back up their servers. But not for your web sites.

Ensuring the smooth operation of your websites require you to know backup solutions for your WHM (web host manager). As you may well know, one of the golden rules of using hosting services, or any computer for that matter, is creating backup files of all the data in your web site which you can use in case you need to recover damaged files or when you have to restore because you may have deleted a file and need to recover it.


Backups are especially important if you are using WHM where deleted files are impossible to recover. Fortunately, they have programs built-in backup solutions. 

The success of your backup solutions for WHM rely on the amount of free disk space you can use. As a rule, your free space must be at least twice the size of that used by backup files presently stored for your web site. The reason for this is that WHM will wait for the latest backup process to finish before they will automatically delete old backups.


Backup Solution in WHM


In WHM, the built-in backup interface can be accessed from the Home screen. Click on Backup and then Backup Configuration. Configuring the backup process in WHM is easy. The system will run the backup process of all of the files and data that the user owns. The process will exclude files that the user can’t access or doesn’t own.

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